Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Got Schooled!

Erika and Lilly are now both enrolled in school.  Lilly started strong, loved the first week and then had a rough second week.  She is over it now and very much liking school.  Despite a bit of chaos yesterday morning concerning a project being due, I am very much enjoying Lilly being in school.  It is a very good school.  My favorite thing is that the teachers are not assigning loads of homework, but they are doing tons of classwork.  I like that.  ALOT.  She can finish her homework in about 30 minutes and sometimes less.

Erika came to the car after the first day of school hating every minute AND begging to never go back.  Because I am ruthless, I let her know this was a one year commitment and she could not come back to "Ye Old School of Home" until next school year (I am convinced that she will not want to once she makes some friends!) and she would just have to dig in and make it work.  Yesterday, when I picked her up, she was smiling and confessed that she liked it.  It is VERY different from what she is used to, the kids cuss and talk alot about dating.  However, she says they respect the fact that she is different, constantly talk about how f'in smart she is, and she likes the school work.  I am glad she is adjusting.

I must say it is nice.  I had reached a breaking point and I could not have finished this year.  Kayla is very self-motivated, self-guided and would be self graded if I would let her...but I won't...yet, LOL.  I'm taking one year at a time, but for now, Kayla is homeschooled and the other two are not.  Kayla enjoys her 'only child' status even if it is only during school hours.

Sooo, I am relieved, revived and a little reluctant.  Change is hard but sometimes, change is good and in this case, change was very necessary.

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Jason, as himself said...

I'm so glad they're enjoying it. And now, you, you, you. What are you going to do with your time now?