Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catsup and A Little Mustard

  • School is going great for Little Lilly Loo Who.  She loves it, I love it.  I could not ask for a better school to transition her in.  All schools should be so encouraging and accepting of homeschooled students.
  • I am so far beyond tired from having so much more to do AND getting up early again for the first time in a long time.  (Go on, roll your eyes-I don't care.)  Also, the house is eerily quiet during the day.  Car rides are very unusual because Erika and Kayla both have headphones on.  I've been soaking up silence like a thirsty sponge...for a minute or two, then I need noise.
  • Sunday, we hiked a section of the Cherokee Trail of Tears.  We took Daisy.  WOW, I ran behind a leash...the first running I have done since 1986.  Next time, she will not be included.  It was an awesome day for a hike and we really were having a great time.  Then we saw a snake.  Actually, Erika saw it after Erik stepped over it without seeing it.  Sure, it was a harmless little green snake...but we were kind of ready to be on our way thinking of all the snakes we might have stepped over and not seen.  ~shudder~   I love to see snakes...through glass or from a distance.
  • My laundry is a beast and I am off to tame it...right after this meme because I have not done one in a long time.
1. What did you originally want to be when you “grew up”, and how has that changed?

I was going to be a journalist-the kind that travels to other countries, covers wars, elections, etc.  I am so glad God had other plans for me.  Journalism has never been more yellow than it has become in the last 20 years.  Although it wears on me at times, I really love my 'job' of being a wife and mom.

2. Morning person or night owl? I am 100% night owl.  But I wish with all my heart that I was a morning person.  It is so much more productive to get alot of stuff done in the morning and then coast through the evening.  Someday, maybe.
3. What is your favorite season or time of year? Fall and spring.  Mostly fall though.  In spring, I am longing for warm weather.  In fall, I am sick of the hot weather and savoring the lovely fall crisp temperatures.  I am not longing for cold weather.  I could skip winter.  Lucky for me that I live in Kentucky.  While we do have 4 distinct seasons, winter is mostly mild with some snow and ice thrown in for kicks 4-5 times a winter.  (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE GREAT ICE STORM)

4. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.  I just wish the gift-giving stuff was like it used to be-practical, thoughtful and homemade.  I just love when I am reading Little House books where Ma secretly made dresses for the girls, Pa carved Ma a wooden jewelry box and Mary knitted a lace collar.  That seems so much more meaningful than a box of chocolates or cocoa mix kit.  Call me nostalgic.

5. How many children did you think that you would have? None.  I did not want children until I met Erik.  I had not planned on getting married until I met Erik.  Then after being married two years, just before I got pregnant, I had decided I did not want kids again.  I am so glad God knew what I needed more than I did.  I can't imagine life without my three beautiful girls.

6. How has your homeschooling philosophy changed over the years? HA ha ha ha ha ha!!!  I started wanting to school them at home all the way through to graduation.  I now vacillate between that and wanting to put them out into the world they are going to have to live in so they may learn to navigate it.  I don't regret homeschooling Lilly's first four years OR pulling Erika and Kayla out in third and second grades(respectively).  I guess I don't know what my philosophy is any more.  Kids really need so much more direction from their parents than most people think!  However, lots of really good parents manage to do a great job guiding and nurturing through the world of public school.  I hope to be one of those now.

7. What is your favorite children's author? I love the Harry Potter series by  J. K. Rowling.  I love The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.   I love the City of Ember series by Jeanne DuPrau .  I love the 39 clues series by a series of authors.  I love Sarah Plain and Tall by Patricia Maclachlan (and all her other books!).  I love every book I have read by Louisa May Alcott-ESPECIALLY Little Women.  I love Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, Meg Cabot, Shannon Hale, Cornelia Funke and so many more!!  I could NEVER narrow it down to one.

8. What is your favorite homeschool resource? The Library, the library and the library.  Best resource ever.  I hope I have passed this love on to my children.  I'm pretty sure I have.  I am always incredulous that some people don't ever go.  It has almost been a weeks and I am seriously Jonesin' missing it alot.

9. What is one of your favorite “guilty pleasures”? Trashy TV!  I love Family guy, Grey's Anatomy (in the beginning before it got so soap opera-ish), Boston Common (before it developed a political agenda), Two and A Half Men, Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier and The Simpson's.  I can't think of any redeeming value to any of those shows.  I also love Bones; Castle;  Murder, She Wrote and Matlock, but those are educational, right?

10. What is one of your secret ambitions? I have always wanted to be an honest politician.  Bob Leeper inspires me that honesty and integrity are possible for politicians. Maybe someday.  Lately though, I have kind of traded that dream in on being a park ranger though.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!

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