Friday, October 08, 2010

Bit and Pieces

I have too many topics to do anything other than bullets.  Without further adieu:
  • Took Daisy to a new vet about the tail situation.  Fleas had been under control, tail still gross and getting grosser.  No longer buying that this is a flea allergy.  We are now giving Ceglinski a try and hoping for the best.  He has her a some drugs to control the chewing and then deal with the actual tail damage once chewing is under control.  The charges today were EXTREMELY reasonable and he is a very nice man.
  • Just got home from a Civil War Ghost Walk.  I thought it was alot of fun but my kiddos were a bit bored and ready to go home.  It was alot of standing and waiting.  I don't think they expected the turn-out they got.  The line was incredibly long. 
  • Decluttering has reached mammoth proportions around here.  My family has decided a yard sale is in order.  since everyone is old enough to REALLY help, I have agreed to it.  Once more.  The plan is to split all earnings five ways as long as everyone does their part to be helpful.  I won't stop until we are pared down to just the necessary items for least that is my hope.
  • I am having allergy attacks from you-know-where.  It is the first time in my life it has hit me this hard.  I have a cough I can't shake often accompanied by a runny nose.  Everything is all clear so I think that means allergies...and misery.
  • Lilly is set up next week  to begin testing to go to public school.  She has been begging, complaining and asking nicely for so long that I have finally given in.  She is still young enough-4th grade-that I am pretty much okay with it.  We will be going into a different county, so she has to pass a test-I cannot tell a lie, I am quite nervous about it.  She is too.  I know that she is extremely bright, but I just worry about her ability to take a standardized test since she never has.  I only have a slight case of nervous hives.  She has told everyone that she knows and 25 people she doesn't that she is going to public school.  I suspect she is very excited.  I hope they have a drama program.  ( :
  • My dad's knee replacement surgery recovery is going great.  He is pretty amazing.  He doesn't ever really need anything and he has been going above and beyond since day 1.  I can't help but compare my father's low maintenance personality to my mother's high maintenance personalities.  Talk about some irreconcilable differences!
  • The girl who was the flower girl in my wedding gets married tomorrow.  I can't even believe it.  I so wish her mother was still alive.  I have been thinking about her non-stop the last few days.  I really miss her and it will be so hard to go through tomorrow without seeing her there.  The fella Kirsten is marrying is so wonderfully amazing.  I hope they have a very happy life together.  Goodness knows she has seen enough YUK in her young life to deserve happiness forevermore.
I guess that is all I got.  Enjoy the gorgeous weekend!

PS.  If certain people still have a surplus of tomatoes...well, they should text me immediately so I can help with that. ( :


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ah, I wish. They petered out quickly. I have about a half dozen hard green marbles. I don't know why we're keeping them. I guess it's some sort of overly optimistic belief they will turn into something red and delicious. Sorry.

E.T.'s Mom said...

I'm so glad you blog. Seeing you several times yesterday, including sitting next to you in Sunday school and I still didn't know all this stuff.

We have a few cherry tomatoes still going, but nothing substantial.