Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have a weigh in today and I am excited.  Two sentences could not be less likely to travel together.  The diet thing is going so well.  I am so ready to really lose the weight that cheating isn't much of a temptation.  Sure, there are times when I am tempted, but I just know that sugars and starches have done me harm...probably all the sentences I am writing.  When you think of something as harmful, it is a bit easier to give it up.  And, Russell Stover has a complete line of sugar free candy.  While it is not delicious, it is OK.  Ok, it isn't really all that good at all BUT it is sugar free.

Today is Bible study.  We have had somewhere to be early in the morning every day this week and it is nearly killing me...but my kids just love it.  They get up and get ready before me.  Finally, I see how the other half lives.  I despise getting up early...and going to bed early.  I do prefer my days when I get up early though.  Morning hours are the most productive, even if they are not my favorites.

In closing, I hope each of you has a wonderful Wednesday.  I plan to live it to the fullest...just full without the carbs .

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