Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back From Hiatus

You can imagine what a state I am in, having gone so long without writing anything.  The thoughts in my head are all crashing into one another.  There have been at least two five-thought pile-ups.  I am an emotional wreck and my conversation skills are stunted.  How have you been?

I am a bit overscheduled this school year.  I am trying very hard to meet the social needs of my 3 social butterflies and it has almost put me in the loony bin.  I am trying diligently to follow through on some commitments and then begin to pare back some of our activities.  It will be a very painful thing, this paring back. 

  • I have actually had the thought recently, "Can one have too many friends?"  I used to say no, never.  I still believe that at my core, I just don't feel like I am being a very good friend to any of my friends.  Several of them are being REALLY AWESOME friends to me though.  I can't even begin to list all the ways I have been blessed by friendships lately.  God has really heaped on some blessings via my friends.  Actually, I think that may have always been the case...I'm just at a heightened state of awareness right now because I am really weak and needy.
  • I have lost 9 more pounds in the last couple of weeks and I am actually looking forward to returning to the doctor for my next weigh in.  No sugar and no starches.  It really is simple...after a few days of it are under my belt.  I truly believe sweets and breads are my addiction.  Right now I feel like a normal person-a person who isn't driven constantly by the craving of food, especially sweets.  I am enjoying it.
  • School...  Let's just say we have started and our co-op has also started.  I am already behind on grading papers and the kids are often doing double work to make up for insane scheduling.  Co-op is going to be just as challenging as I thought.  I don't think I am co-op material, it just always sounds so good.  I gaze longingly at the bus as it drives by and wonder aloud, "Why am I doing this again?  I forgot." 
Well, I guess that catches everything up...I'm gonna stop now and wait until this storm cloud isn't over my head before I blog again.  Maybe tomorrow when I am all caught up. ( ;  HAHAHAHA, now that's funny I don't care who you are.

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Hula Girl at Heart said...

Caught up?? What's that? I think it's some kind of fairy tale some man made up one day. A woman certainly wouldn't do that.

BTW..I scheduled your 4H group for that date you asked for during Christmas in the Park.