Monday, July 12, 2010


  • I made over $60 entering stuff in the fair.  I got blue ribbons on my bread and a purple champion on my banana bread.  I feel like a chef.
  • My summer is officially too busy.  Lazy days of summer?  Where?
  • We partied all weekend with my in-laws and it was lots of good fun that was funny.
  • I hope I look as good at 70 as my father-in-law does.
  • I have 1/8th of the planning done for next year.  This is BAAAD.
  • Kayla snubs me on facebook.  I'm laughing to keep from crying.
  • Arrested Development is my new funny show.  It is so funny.
  • I'm not finding enough time to exercise and this is VERY BAD.
  • My time at the library is nearly up.
  • I wasted 90% of it on facebook.
  • Facebook is a time eater.
  • Part 3 will come along soon.

1 comment:

Cheeseboy said...

You are blogging from the library? That is so cool.

I really want to eat some of your banana bread. I love banana bread.