Monday, July 26, 2010

Bullets With A Bang

  • Has it really been a week?  Seriously?  It seems like yesterday.  All summers pass by quickly, but this one is nearly in the can.  All of my dreams of little projects I might start up have become dust in the wind.  I am left juggling the things I MUST GET DONE immediately if not sooner.
  • SKOOL iz rite arownd thee korner...YIKES!
  • I have exercised more this summer than I have any other time in my life.  Aerobics once a week, tennis 2-3 times per week and ZUMBA(a new addition) once a week.  My weight is miraculously...disturbingly the stinkin' same unchanged.  I am sure it is my completely unstructured meals.  It is always about the diet-exercise just moves things along quicker.  If you don't eat right, the weight stays the same no matter how much you move.
  • My school plan of a co-op that isn't a co-op has become a form of co-op.  This new development has really caught me off guard and I'm in it up to my hip waders.  It is also an unmanageable size and the new focus of my prayer life.  I have no doubt that my children will love it and I will be finding a loophole to escape through.  I may have commitment issues.  God apparently has chosen to grow me this year which is unfortunate.  I had planned on blissful stagnation.
  • Tennis is so much fun and addicting that I wish I had found it sooner-like in high school.  It is the only sport I have ever really truly enjoyed on every level.  I loved basketball, but no matter how hard I ran and trained, I was always sucking wind during games.
  • I am completely overwhelmed by my schedule this summer.  I have some wonderful friends that I have not even had a chance to catch up with this summer.  That stinks!
  • I have so much more to say but everything else cannot be contained within a bullet.  I need to write intensely soon.  My brain is overflowing with things that must be written about to have closure on them.  The thoughts are getting all overlappy and stuff swirling around in me noggin.
  • I STILL love you completely, Monday-even when you ARE manic!!


Cheeseboy said...

Skool iz right around the corner. Thanks for reminding me. Congrats on all the working out.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I can't believe school starts in less than two weeks. Yikes!

Jason, as himself said...

Sounds like you're having a good summer. Way to go on the exercising---I have been exercising more now than any other time in my life, too.