Monday, July 19, 2010


Well, I will officially confess that I am not going to finish my life story anytime soon...this is a super busy time of year.  I am serving on the homeschool board for my support group again this year.  It will be a different experience for me since we only had one live meeting last year and tomorrow makes two meetings for this year already.  Last year, we made decisions over the phone and via email.  Everyone did their own job and did it well so it was a well-oiled machine but little socializing-we were all friends but the social thing just never really happened..  Not sure what this year will be like-I think it will be very productive and enjoyable with a heaping side of social.  Tomorrow we will see if we have good kid chemistry, I so hope that we do!

Today, I mapped out my history for next year and I will compile a syllabus for it so I for sure get it all in.  Math is simple-each kid has their own thing.  Writing and grammar will be a syllabus as well.  We have workbooks for vocab, spelling and handwriting (sadly, a lost subject in public school).  Geography, art and science will have many enrichment activities next year so I will only need to plan a few lessons a week for those.

My nerdiness is in full swing-I am starting to get excited.  So, it is a pro that I procrastinate my life story to get ready for school.  ( ;

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