Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Ketch-Up

  • Erika got braces put on today. She is so excited to have them.
  • Tea Party today. It was lovely. I sipped sweet tea and was surrounded by conservative Christians. All was right in the world for a short time.
  • We had alot of fun making our posters for the tea party. Erika drew a tea bag and a pitcher of red kool-aid-the caption was: Which one are you drinking? Kayla and I elaborated the 'Keep the "Change" ' into Keep the "CHANGE", I have enough CENTS to vote you out!
  • When watching "LOST" and a real life helicopter flies over during a quiet scene, it will nearly scare you to death. (And maybe cause you to pee a little.)(Drinking tea just does that to a person!)
  • We have a new plan for chores/allowances which might actually work. It's bribery and I don't care if it keeps my house clean. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • I'm up way past my bedtime...I'm off to snooze!

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