Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Monday, Thou Hast Forsaken Me!

Sunday, we kicked off our new Growth Group (formerly CARE group-the joke is that no one cares anymore). The goal of these groups is to find a group that makes you very comfortable and allows personal growth. I feel the same way I always feel when we start a new group-I won't ever feel that close with THIS group. I am almost always wrong in that feeling as life somehow knits each and every group closer than you thought possible. That just proves my theory that those in life guided only by feelings are missing out on a great many things. It is a very interesting bunch of folks though and our family has the privilege of hosting this Sunday which makes me pray for lovely weather because we have a small living space +our group has a lotto kids.

Monday, very early Monday, around 2:30 AM I woke up and RAN to the bathroom to be sick. This running continued until about 2PM. At approximately 2PM, I lay on the couch as still as possible and prayed to not have any more 'events'. My prayers were answered but my stomach did not stop hurting for many more hours. My good friend Amanda brought me Sprite which is required for happy sickness. (She dropped it on the porch and ran-no cooties that way!) Then Hubby brought the kids some lunch and more Sprite because he loves me and the kids have to eat. Monday is our busiest day of the week and also our most enjoyed. I hated cancelling that day but it was a requirement.

Late Monday night I began to wait for someone else to start V & D, but alas, the quarantine and hand sanitizer did the trick. No one else became sick. Tuesday, I was prepared to cancel the day again except that I felt like a new woman. We went on to Lilly's art class, I just tried to keep myself isolated from the main group just in case.

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. Wow. I really prefer weeks with a Monday. I hate it when my favorite day gets cancelled. Today we will be catching up with so many things we are behind with. Ketchup...ketchup....ketchup. (That will make you chuckle if you love Prairie Home Companion as much as our family.)

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Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ooh, sorry about the illness. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Seriously, you like Mondays?