Friday, March 26, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

(and her beanie babies)

(and her beanie babies)

The girls have really loved these cats, posing them into all sorts of ridiculous poses and usually with the full cooperation of this dynamic duo. We all loved on them to the best of our ability despite their fatal flaw: an inability to use the litter box.
Initially, I thought it was only one of them, but I was wrong. They were affectionately known as Tabby and Babyface but Erik and I call them 'the poopers'. Often they were just plain old 'stupid cats!' We had a good compromise for keeping the kits, they had to be outside 50-75% of the time so that their bathroom duties(doodies) could take place in the great wide open. However, during our Florida trip, we were forced to bring them indoors so that they could have food and water.
To return our kind gesture, the kittens promptly pooped and peed all over my laundry room in a rather heinous fashion.
The following day I went to our homeschool yahoo group and offered one up for free to the first available home. I told of her non-litter-like behavior and implored that she only be considered as a barn cat. I got a reply almost immediately. And then I hopefully asked if her sister might come along too as they would do better as a pair. BINGO!
Erik made the drop and he said on the way to the meeting place, both cats were snuggly and adorable. (Lower IQ cats are sweetest.)
I have to say I miss the little fur balls, but not enough to miss sidestepping poop in the laundry room. Gray Gray is now Queen of the Manor and I really like being down to just one cat to snuggle and clean up after.