Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update: Quickly

  • Friday. Up early and off to science co-op. It was fabulous. The non-teaching moms and I enjoyed some fellowship with toddlers and each other while our children learned wonderful sciency things. It is such a good thing that blesses us every week. Then a quick lunch and then the older girls were delivered to their arts and crafts activity. Lilly and I took the opportunity to go to the mall so she could get her free solar freeze.(We heart you dippin' dots.) We even did a little shopping. After we picked up the big girls we shopped a few consignment stores until time for our glorious chiropractor appointment. We still had some time to kill before Dad would be home with famous Turoni's pizza from Evansville, so we stopped by to visit NOAH!! He gave us a few toothy grins and mostly did not cry. He is growing into a very cute toddler. His first birthday is coming up soon...bad news is that we may be on vacation for it, depending on the date.
  • Saturday. It was engineering day at the local college, which the older girls and I attended. (First things first though, we went to a visitation to see our friend whose father passed away.) Lilly was defiant and horrible and got to spend the day away from me instead of attending. She and Dad did all manner of outside work. Her behavior was much improved when we got back from our educational day. Then Erik and I quickly showered and deposited the children off to the grandparents. We had a date night. It was fun, it was lovely. Neither of us could finish our meals because we are eating so much less than we used to. Note to self: Wallaby Darns at Outback are delicious.
  • Sunday. Church and then birthday lunch after church which was awesome. Then Erik and I cleaned. Him-the outdoors, me indoors. I warned the children to make themselves scarce and enjoy the beautiful weather or be assigned many chores. I got the alone time I desperately needed. As Erik and I decided to finish our productive day with a nice walk, we had barely gone far at all before it started sprinkling. We decided to take a closer to home walk. It was full blown rain before we got back. The bottom fell out as soon as we were in the house a few minutes. A timing miracle!!

It was a great weekend and I give full credit to the weather. Spring weather in the middle of winter makes every thing wonderful. The weather today is very cold and GRAY. It is a severe reminder that it is still winter. GRRR!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Spring weather? Where? Oh, I missed it.

We're snowed in. An extra day of winter for us.