Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Wednesdays are not my favorite. It is usually a stay home day, except for Lilly's piano. Then church is off in the distance. Me, struggling to be excited to attend and my girls getting ready for it almost as soon as they get up. Today is not any different except that I did aerobics this morning. I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I hate it but I am really starting to like the toning it is doing for my body. I have lost alot of inches but the scale still makes me want to pummel it. So much work, so little scale difference. I know in my head it is the whole fat converting to muscle thing and muscle weighs more, yadayadayada...but I want to weigh less NOW!! I am very thankful I decided to go the group exercise route...I'm not sure I could make myself go work out in a gym for an hour alone. This way, I have accountability, especially with so many women from church going there.

I am trying really hard not to be bothered by the fact that my husband received a bunch of valentines from people(women) on Facebook. He says he doesn't know who most of them are. I just have to wonder what kind of women send valentine gifts to other people's husbands?? Oh wait, I know-that is why it bothers me. I am very hopeful that he will pare down his 'friend' list. He really thought the goal of Facebook was to get as many friends as possible. I trust him completely-don't hear me wrong. I just don't like his Facebook very much right now. In a past life, I was a bit of a jealous freak-it was unjustified and annoying. I have mostly let that go...mostly.

I guess I'll go soak in the shower now. It just seems like 1PM is a perfect time to shower. Then we shall finish laundry and school and be very productive. I HATE WINTER. I am fighting not to hibernate every day!! don't get me wrong...I have the same struggle in the hot of summer-not wanting to leave the air conditioning. There is a reason spring and fall are my favorites.

PS. Spellcheck has 'no suggestions' on how to correctly spell 'yadyadayada'. Teehee.

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