Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big Lie

I love this blog!! I love it every day but the focus on Lent really made me laugh. Mostly though, I love his transparency. He is a Christian doing big things. His blog is very famous, he has written a book. He is committed to doing what he feels God has gifted him with-writing and being funny. But the main reason I love him is that he isn't perfect. He doesn't pretend to be. He posts seriously about a problem with porn. He tells exactly what he is doing to combat this THING that continues to be a struggle for him. He admits that it is a struggle. That it is an addiction he WORKS and PRAYS to get over.

See some Christians live what I like to call 'the big lie'.

First, they truly believe you have to be 'good enough' to be truly on a walk with God. They may speak aloud of things like grace and mercy, but they harbor some thoughts deep down that if I were truly submitting my life to Christ-I would not struggle with sin. They truly believe that sanctification begins to look like a perfect life the longer you walk with Christ.

Second, they would die before they would disclose what their personal 'vice' is. You know, we all have something. It is not possible to live in this fallen world without a cross to bear-something that keeps you on your face before God. Something that sneak attacks when you thought you might have moved past it. Sin is sin. Sin separates us from God...UNLESS we admit those sins and stand before him AND others-broken. Then he shines though the cracks and teaches others the gift, redemption right where we are: Flawed, forgiven and probably struggling to keep yourself on track. Eager to share this powerful forgiveness with a hurting world that doesn't know God.

Lastly, they have lost the desire to help people by seeking out those who are lost and broken and share the healing balm of Jesus. Learning to build relationships with people who don't look or act like us. Instead, they prefer to insulate themselves from the world with church bubble wrap. This is not the example of Christ. He really did favor the company of thieves, tax collectors and prostitutes. Why? Nothing makes you feel better than seeing the power of God transform a life. Christ came to heal the broken. We are to be Christ to a fallen world. However, nothing is scarier than putting yourself in the middle of people living in sin. What if they don't choose God? What if I lose myself in the midst of it all? What if people THINK I am losing my way? Better to think: What will God think if I don't share the message of Christ? AND, it is kind of hard to share the message of Christ with people who have already heard it and have given their lives over to it. We can encourage, teach and sharpen each other BUT that isn't our CALLING. Our calling is to share Christ.

I am so lucky to be a part of a church family that doesn't buy into the big lie. This family is always on high alert to help the hurting, wrap their loving arms around them and attempt to set their feet on higher ground. Are we perfect? No- we blow it, forget it, hide it under a bush, forget to love and fail in many ways. HOWEVER, we are a body that is thankful the blood of Christ covers all of our flaws and uses our vapor of existence to grow His kingdom.

Oh, and by church family I don't just mean my church or even (especially?) my denomination. There is a spiritual revolution going on across this world. Christians are finally waking up and getting busy for God-not keeping busy with church.

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