Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Wow, golly, gee, this month sure has filled up quickly with lots of stuff. I think we all think the same thing...hmmm, what's a good month to plan something?-Feb, nobody really makes plans for Feb. The next thing you know, there it is, a very full short month.

Adding in aerobics 3 times a week has really been difficult, but totally worth it. I can tell it is helping me to cope with mood swings, hormones and all that other fun girl stuff. I think this month would have me paralyzed if not for the fact that I have a physical outlet.

Last night, at my mothers of daughters Bible study, we talked about self worth. We each had to list three of our best qualities without being critical. Why is it so hard to say something good about yourself without adding a disclaimer. "I'm really good at ____, at least when I have the time to do it well, which I don't, so I guess I am not always..." After we got over the hurdle though, we all listed qualities that I think we see in each other. It is so easy to list good qualities in others. The gist of the study was that if we have such a hard time, how can we expect that our daughters won't struggle with it. I'm really going to be actively looking for ways to boost my daughters abilities to know their strengths and feel good about them. It helps that they aren't being deflated every day in middle school . Although, I am sure I have my deflationary moments with them. (Did I make that word up? )

Well I am off to finish planning a wonderful PATCH meeting for tonight. (I hope.) (Oop, there it is, disclaimer.)

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Katrine said...

Isn't it funny how difficult it is to say what we are good at. I can truthfully say that I am really good at procrastination!