Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas Letter!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

The year 2010 is rapidly advancing. It only seems like yesterday we were worrying about all the glitches Y2K would bring us. Oh my! I truly have probably forgotten more than I can remember. However, I clearly remember all of the eye rolls I gave to grown-ups who warned me that time goes faster as you get older. They sure weren't kidding. As mad as it makes me to see Christmas things nestled in with the Halloween candy, it serves as a reminder how quickly Christmas sneaks up on us! So now it is time to sum up the year 2009 in this, our Christmas newsletter. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season and that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in your heart.

Erik has had a very eventful year! He is no longer a mail carrier. Now he manages the regional fleet of postal vehicles for Western Kentucky. He has his own office, tons more responsibility and the same pay. He does love it though and we get to have him home on Saturdays. Of course, he is still drumming. I can't name all the bands. Just know that if you want to hear him play, he pretty much keeps our town rockin' most weekends.

Erika is now an 8th grader. It doesn't seem possible that she will be in high school next year. We are officially (prayerfully) sitting on the fence about sending her to public school or continuing with homeschool next fall. She continues to excel in all things artsy/crafty. She has a budding interest in architecture...doesn't sound as poetic as starving artist, does it?

Kayla is in 7th grade. she is sharp as a tack, we think it is residuals from the purple hair dye she used on her hair this summer. The middle children always find a way to stand out, right? She loves to read and plans to write the next great novel...right after she gets off of facebook.

Lilly is now a 3rd grader. My baby, a third grader? How did that happen? She longs to be as old as her sisters. She worships their every move. She still sings with the Symphony Children's chorus and also continues her piano lessons.

Janice? Who knew it would be so hard to have three children with three different sets of activities? Oh, and I decided to use my free (ha) time to serve on the board of my homeschool support group, PATCH. It has been a bit more work, but it is grown-up brain stimulation that I desperately needed. Homeschooling continues to go well. Of course, it is the toughest job I've ever loved. We have days that are the 'best day ever' mixed in with the days from you-know-where. All in all though, we are very blessed.

It has been a year of growing and changing for us-as is every year. I am excited to crack open a fresh new year as soon as we savor another bright celebration of our beloved Savior. We sincerely wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas and may God bless you mightily.

Love from our family to yours!

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Great summary of a year flown by.