Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Freshened Up

fresh color
Postal Christmas party
finished and printed Christmas letters ready to mail (well almost)
PATCH Mom's Christmas party
Christmas cookies made
Christmas cookies swapped

These things have finally all worked together to get me in Christmas appreciation mode. Today, as an added bonus, my mom came by for a visit. WOW. I just keep reading that sentence. There was a time in my life when my mom popped by for visits so often that it just drove me crazy. Fast forward a few years and it makes me tear up. You truly don't know how good some things are until they are snatched away!! We've been through so much and it is an amazing milestone to have her come over to see my Christmas tree. She can get by with just a cane now, but to get up the few steps we have she knew to bring her walker. It scares me a bit to think of her getting out and doing things. She is so vulnerable. But mostly, it makes me really happy for her to have her life back. Not the same way-some freedom is lost to her forever. This level of freedom we will take. And the visit today? I am so thankful for our family's Christmas miracle of an almost independent momma that can make her way around to see her daughter's Christmas tree and check up on the housekeeping. ( ;

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