Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somebody Just Needs To...

fill up the glass already!! I can't say I am a glass half-full or glass half-empty person. I'm more of a just fill up the glass already person!! OR, I have also been known to be an, "I only wanted half a glass," person.
Lately though, I have become an even bigger cynic than I might have ever been. I am almost certain that things will not turn out well and I make all sorts of contigency statements.
"Oh well, it could've been worse!"
"We should just count our blessings."
"Well, I'm just glad ____ didn't happen!"
"Sometimes good people do bad things."
"Well, you know, we do live in a fallen world."
I am trying to be optimistic. I really am. I count my blessings so often that I have them in alphabetical order. It's just that lately, people seem to suck more than they ever have. Not all people mind you, most of those afore mentioned blessings are people. BAD people suck more than they ever have. They don't have any ethics at all. It used to be that even crooks had guidelines they crooked by. Did I mention our church was broken into? How bad does that suck? Not just our church, a whole lot of churches in our county. Even good people are crooked when it suits them. Not completely, mind you, my best example is in the field of construction. It used to be that bricklayers, cabinet makers, tilesetters, etc. were artisans. They were proud of their reputation and did what they could to do their best work ever. Have you had work done lately? This is not the case anymore. Some people still have "IT", but most do not. It truly pays to be a do-it-yourselfer.
I believe people are mostly good, just often misguided. I believe the balloon boy's parents really just want to be famous...the boy was safe, right? Are we so star struck? Yes, we really are. Studies show that our children would rather be famous than just about anything. It is hard for me to imagine, this desire to be famous. I have this deep burning desire to be anonymous. The closest I would want to be to famous is to be a famous is a different kind of fame. People aren't sure about your notoriety. I don't like being in pictures or videos. Once I made the cover of our local paper-shopping for ornaments the day after Christmas. I was furious. My prayer was that no one would know me. And yet, my husband loves to be 'famous'. We have quite a collection of papers and recordings of news, performances, etc. My kids love to be photographed! The other day at the library, someone wanted to photograph us utilizing the library. I signed the release and then bowed out "to sharpen my pencil".
I am trying so hard to 'see the bright side'. I guess some things are just embedded too deeply. I think I belong in the 'Not so sure club' that Ziggy is in.

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hulagirlatheart said...

I was feeling a little cynical too until we hired a gentleman to lay our hardwood. He did it at night as a side job to his regular work. He charged a reasonable price, did it because he wanted the work and did an outstanding job. He treated it as if it were his home. Those folks still exist. They just don't get the attention the onery ones do.