Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Behind!!

I am so far behind on all things bloggy!! I have written 973 posts in my head but have had no time to post them. This is a shame because that means 973 posts are constipating my brain and this isn't good for anyone. I will attempt today to let some of those crowded thoughts out!

  • My knee is so much better. I only limp when I have been sitting too long and it levels out as I walk. The chiropractor is really making huge strides in my well-being. I also made an appointment with a doctor that I go to church with. My big hope is that she will be able to level out some of my thyroid issues. Sadly that appt. is not until January. I decided NOT to rejoin Weight Watchers. The cost is prohibitive(the free month is only for online). I do plan to restart the program using all the literature I have from last time starting next Monday, October 19. I plan to begin a full exercise program that day as well. By full exercise program, I just mean exercising every day- walking or doing the new exercise tape I invested in. My goal is not weight loss-but feeling better. If my goal is weight loss, I know it won't motivate me(new clothes are expensive, yada yada yada), but feeling better will.
  • I cannot possibly relay just how much I love our library. We go there at least twice a week and the librarians are not just my friends but they are also friends with my children. They are so kind and helpful. What a blessing. Some of them in particular go above and beyond to be helpful and as a homeschooler(as in constantly needing to expand our classroom with resources), it just makes school so much easier! Someday, I am gonna make them some cookies or something.
  • We went to two different science presentations this week. They were both dealing with very similar science themes and so I think between the two, my kids learned alot. They will probably remember the concepts forever. I know they are ingrained on my brain and that is no small feat.
  • I find myself staring at my children lately wondering when they got so old. It just doesn't seem possible that they are growing up so quickly. Yet, I have a ringside seat and I have been watching the whole time. Time marches on.
  • Wayd is home now and I am sad to report that I have had zero time to help the family. I have made many meals for Aunt Pat while she had the other three boys. Now my time and energy are so depleted by other stuff going on that I feel terrible. My prayer is that the rest of the people in their life are giving them lots of attention this first week home and I can plug in next week.
  • It has been really cold and rainy the last few days and if we were not so overscheduled, I would totally want to hibernate. I should've been a bear. I think this is the time they get to eat like crazy and gain as much weight as possible to prepare for the long winter, right? I should have been a bear. Really.
  • School is slowly morphing into a schedule I can be proud of. The kids are getting more independent and I am holding their feet to the fire on staying caught up. Daily grades are recorded for this nine weeks and it is about time to do quarterly grades. It feels good to get (mostly) caught up.
  • I am almost done with our clothing exchange...the long process of getting fall/winter out and spring/summer put away. It takes me forever. I HATE it. It is the only drawback to life with four distinct seasons.

Oh my!! That is alot to get out of my brain. Now I can move on a bit. Hopefully I will be able to post again sooner and perhaps even more philosophically.

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E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh, that clothing exchange is an ordeal for me, too! In south Texas we never had this chore. Ah, but then fall is Philip's favorite season and we never had that either. Anyway, I like the catch up post. I'm glad your knee is better and I love the library, too!