Thursday, August 13, 2009


I don't love today. I am having a very unorganized, busy, overscheduled first week of school. I should have started last week and by this week, Stella would have gotten her groove back. As it is, we are working school in between too many other things and Mom started the week off going out with the girls and staying up too late, etc, etc, need I go on??

The kids are fine though. They love Teaching Textbooks with all their heart. Math that middle schoolers love soothes my own math-loving heart. Previous to this year they have hated math. How can you hate math? 2+2 always equals 4. Math is learn it once. You might learn some other wonderful shortcut, but the bottom line will always be unchanged. I also love grammar and spelling...mostly for the same reasons. Perhaps I have some issues with change. I'll speak to my psychoanalyst about it.

This morning things are calm, but this afternoon will be a mix of alot of different stuff. There will be rushing here, there and everywhere. I'm excited. AND, tired. It must be that blood I gave the Red Cross last night, yeah, that's the ticket. I gave blood and now I'm has nothing to do with anything else. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Mia said...

We are no where near as active as you guys but I made a promise,pledge,rule,covenantfor this year that absolutely NOTHING will go on short of an emergency during school hours! Roughly 9-2 Now that of course is regular school book school hours. Other learning goes on all the time...ahhh homeschool how do I love thee? let me count the ways!

Ashley said...

I need a "date" with you. I have homeschooling questions and Pampered Chef questions...and actually I just really miss you, but I do have questions. So, yeh. I need my Janice fix okay? Please?

At what age did you BEGIN homeschooling?

Tracy said...

HI...I ran across your blog and thought I'd pop in. I also homeschool...and I was born and raised in Kentucky...Mayfield to be exact. Now we live in Tennessee. Anyway...thought I'd say hi!