Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Arch Arch Baby

St. Louis was the place we were visiting. We opted to just go to Target and buy curtains for Erika's room and then head home because we are old and decrepit. Actually, 4+ hours in the blazing hot sun of a daytime baseball game will sap the life out of you in a way that the best sleep in the most comfortable bed in the world can't cure.

We did eat brunch at Chili Mac's Diner before hopping the train back to our car. It was sooooo cool. A real diner. 3 women took orders, cooked orders, and then rang up orders all from memory. We were very impressed and plan to visit there again!! Plus we both ate for around $10.

I am so blessed to have wonderful friends who took care of my cheeky monkeys so I could have a two day, one night date with my husband. We had a wonderful time discovering us again.

Now, I am off of here. I have a busy day tomorrow with lots I need to accomplish.

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