Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snitty Sunday

All in all I have had a pretty good weekend. It isn't at all as I would have planned it, but that is just how we roll most of the time-me having a general plan and then altering it a bazillion times.(Man plans, God laughs.) So much has happened since my last post...bullets to get you caught up:

  • Kayla now has purple hair. I finally gave her permission to do what she wanted to do more than anything. She picked the color-Lusty Lavender (LOL!!)-and I colored it for her. It is really more lavender than purple. She could not believe I was letting her do it. I'm a little surprised myself but in the end, it is only hair, right? Choose your battles and all that jazz. She also got it cut in a non-cyclops looking style and so we are happy to see both eyes no matter the hair color.

  • I have been a decluttering fool and I am loving it. 4 bags of things went to goodwill. It is hard to believe how much stuff we have stored about in our small home. So much more than we need. I wish my darling husband could get on the decluttering track with me. Just one of the many tracks we don't share...but that is a whole other blog post.

  • One of my good friends is in the process of selling her house and buying a massively huge fixer upper. I am torn between feeling happy & envious of how much space she will have and feeling very sad that she has sooooo much work to do to get her new home livable. It will be gorgeous when they are done!! I wish she would do a home makeover blog just to show how it's done!!

  • I visited with my mom and my sister today. It was a really good visit. I also spent time this afternoon with just Erika. It was so nice. My kids are so different when I spend time with them one on one. It is just so rare that it happens. I should make it happen more often.

This evening, I have really needed an attitude adjustment. I have been snitty-hence the post title. When Erika and I got home, the house was a mess. I worked hard all afternoon and night yesterday. The house was fairly neat but the living room was very clean and even *gasp* dusted. Something in me just snapped when I came home and it had all been undone. I am usually pretty oblivious and accepting that all chores come undone pretty quickly around here-especially in my absence. The fact that it happened in less than 4 hours and everyone was so blase' about it just really set me off. The girls worked together to get it back together.

Sometimes being a mom, wife, cook, maid, taxi-driver is the hardest job in the world. Today was just one of those days for me. I am ready for New Mercies Monday-both giving and receiving!!


ShortyMom said...

Love Kayla's hair! If I wasn't looking for a job, I'd have purple in my hair!

Glad to hear y'all are doing well..I'll be giving you a call a little later today...

Ashley said...

being a mom IS hard work! What is new mercies monday?

Mia said...

that reminds me of someone....ME! of course not now but WAYYYY back in the day! I love it it looks really sick!!! Sick being a good thing,check your hip,cool modern word book : )

hulagirlatheart said...

"I wish my darling husband could get on the decluttering track with me."--Ditto. I'm all streamling our home. He wants to hang onto every little scrap. Aye, yi, yi.