Thursday, July 09, 2009

Better Late?

I used to be a timely gal. I was always either on time or 5 minutes early. Sometimes I might have to drive like a bat out of you know where to accomplish this goal-but the goal was most important. In my mind, it was important to never disappoint other people. Being on time was critical. I would tease others who were habitually late.

Many years and three kids later, life is different for me. I consider most time to be a guideline. There are times that I make being on time an absolute priority and usually am early-picking up or dropping off my children to be cared for by another, trips, any time that my being late will inconvenience someone else. Other than those examples, it just really isn't that important. If I am 5 minutes late for church or a birthday party or even a movie will anyone besides me suffer? I don't think so.

This revelation came to me one day as I was zooming down the road on my way somewhere. I had gotten behind a slow elderly driver and I was irate. I had been on time until I got behind granny. I did what any road rage sportin' driver would do. I rode granny's tail until she had to pull over. Ha ha, take that granny. As I sped past her, recognition clicked in my brain. I KNEW that granny. Then, I put myself in her shoes. What kind of stress must I have put her through. I knew she didn't drive often because it made her nervous. No wonder, with drivers like me constantly riding her tail.

It was an instant cure for my road rage. I have never been the same as a driver. I go out of my way to be polite on the road. I have not encountered granny on the road since then, but rest assured, if I have to be a little late and travel a little slower to help granny feel safer on the road, I will. BECAUSE, in the big picture of life, kindness trumps timeliness. At least in my opinion.

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Ami said...

I had an attitude change about granny/grandpa types on the road and elsewhere when I visited my own grandfather after having not seen him for 10 years. He was so frail and elderly and vulnerable that my heart just broke for him.

After that, when I had to drive behind a grandparent type, or wait at the grocery store while one shuffled through 300 coupons to save 25 cents, I found I had infinite patience.

Because it's usually someone's grandparent you're waiting behind.

I confess to road rage at times, however, but it's not at the slow people... it's at the ones who tailgate or zip in and out of traffic.