Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Another day of breaking Lent. Actually 2. Yesterday, I took a whole day off from life and read a book...then started another. My day began about 5 PM when I took a bath and got ready fro church. Today, I slept late because I could not sleep last night. I finally went off to beddy bye at about 2AM. So to say I "slept in" doesn't seem fair when I got up at 8:30. Tonight, I will try to get to bed early and get back on track tomorrow.

Now, part two of waking up. I am "waking up" to the world of teendom. Slowly but surely. The times are different, of course, but the raw emotions are the same. The same crushes that both excite and embarrass. The same way you need your parents but wish them invisible most of the time. The way you want to butter them up for certain privileges but hate them in the moment if they say no. So many things I had forgotten. Blocked out of my memory...all the things I said that made so much sense to my 11 year old brain sound so different when your brain is 37. It is tough not to laugh at some of the big "problems". However, that would efectively shut down critical lines of communication for things that will come along that are big.

Waking up, literally and figuratively, is really stretching me out of "my comfort zone".

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The Foil Hat said...

Oh my! Don't beat yourself up about Lent. God understands that your intentions are good.

((()))) Hang in there. Those early tween/teen years can be really rough. The drama does ease a bit (at least in my experience) once they hit about 16. You'll do just great!