Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The People On My Shoulder

The little angel on my shoulder says this:
  • Let's get all that Goodwill stuff boxed up and out of the house.
  • Let's do the three loads of laundry that have already piled up.
  • Let get out that rainbow and vacuum this place.
  • Clean the kitchen floor-it will make you smile to see it glow.
  • Clear the bar-it needs to be done.
  • Plan out a wonderful supper-it will make hubby really happy.
  • Then you can relax for a few minutes before the running starts.

The little devil on my shoulder says this:

  • You worked hard ALL DAY yesterday, take a break. It's not like anyone will come along and do it for you-it can wait until tomorrow. Find the couch and the remote. Relax, make some brownies. You have been through a very tough time, savor the down time. You've done school-that is a biggie, right? Frankie say RELAX.

I'm thinking the red guy has a point, what do you think? Maybe I can pull out my supermom cape and do it all.


ShortyMom said...

I'm with the red guy...took me three days (and no internet) to get my bathrooms and kitchen clean plus work through laundry. Take a break!

ryanandlesli said...

Hey, what are the people on my shoulder doing on your shoulder??? heehee I am very familiar with both!! I chose the little angel yesterday, but am leaning toward the little devil today!