Monday, February 09, 2009

Life Goes On...(And a book review!)

And so do we. Yesterday, church as usual. Our CARE group did not meet because we were not good co-leaders or communicators. I don't think anyone minded as they were likely sawing logs-really, not the snoring kind-like us. Then the older girls had youth care group. We finished moving back home. All our stuff is home now and yet not in its home. Today I replaced our depleted groceries while the girls had their 4H meeting. WHEW!! I needed more time before life and all the running it involves got back to normal. However, it has been a good return to life for the kids.

Yesterday, we cleared most of the debris from the front yard and a little in the back. Trees make a huge mess when they are all brokey mcbroke. We have until the 18th to get all the stuff cleared so the insurance guy can walk the property and give us the news of just how much they will cover. We aren't having high expectations, our deductible is pretty high. We hope to break even. We will do everything we can do ourselves and bring in the big dogs for the big dog stuff we can't do. The big dogs cost alot of money. Money you get reimbursed for later. I don't love our wooded lot nearly as much as I used to.


This book by Dr. Earl Henslin was such an interesting read. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he takes alot of medical mumbo-jumbo and makes it understandable for the average Joe. I started this book with one opinion about medication (especially for kids with ADD and ADHD) and finished the book with alot to re-examine and think on. I also want to go and get a SPECT brain scan. The information in this book is very new science but has years of data to back it up.

I also love how he ties together so many sources (including the Bible!) for whatever your particular brain "problem" is. Oh yes, I almost forgot my FAVORITE part. There was a TEST!! I love tests. I take tests and then I pretend I am someone else and take the test and see what their test reveals. (Have I mentioned how analytical I am? Like Monk, it is a blessing and a curse!) The test lets you know your problem area and then he gives you several pages of ways to help your brain get back to joy.

This self-help book is both an easy read and a helpful read. I give it 5 stars.

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