Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gifted, It Is The Best

Not too long ago, hubby and I had a conversation. Our living room has seating for five. And there are five of us. Usually we all stetch out and drape over one another but someone always ends up on the floor because it gets ridiculous. I wanted to add a couple of recliners to the mix. Then we priced them and I decided adding one would be nice. Hubby disagreed and preferred to save our money toward actual needs.

So, in a lucky twist of fate, my friend Sandy was gifted with new recliners from her parents. That left them with two older fuctional rocker recliners. They were nice enough to gift us with them and now we have two "new to us" recliners. You should've seen the big smile on Erik's face as he sat down with the remote. Utter joy.

Thanks John and Sandy. We love them. Utterly.


Amy said...

Oh, how nice! Free recliners are the best kind of recliners, evah!;)
Yay for you and your family!
(((BIG HUGS!)))

Mia said...

YESSS!!! You bless so many people what goes around comes around! I can just see you rockin' & reclinin' Just so you know those things are very difficult to get out of.....

Sandy said...

This sharing thing has really worked out well for our families, hasn't it? :-) We're glad for y'all to have them. I completely agree: free is the best price of all!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Congratulations! I love generous people.