Monday, February 02, 2009

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Tomorrow will be our one week anniversary-of being powerless and living with my in-laws. It will also be my 37th birthday. Saturday was my in-laws GOLDEN 50TH wedding anniversary. We have had much more festive celebrations. We had plans for more festive celebrations. Man plans and God laughs. The girls and I left Saturday at 11 with promises not to return before 3PM. Just in case some celebratin' was needed.

Erik and the girls and I all went to church yesterday. I charged my phone and my spirits. Most of our church is all in the same boat and it was wonderful to see everyone and know we were all okay. We were the haves and the have-nots. It was easy to distinguish the have-nots by the curly wet hair ragamuffin least that's what I felt like. I was also able to go over yesterday evening to my friend Karen's and do some laundry. Thanks Steph for the awesome "message board"-brilliant!! Karen treated me to a movie and a few episodes of "Friends". It was nice to watch TV and do laundry while sipping ICE water. ICE IS NICE. I miss it most of all. I went into her bathroom and flipped on the light and it came on!!!! Unlike ours where I cannot stop turning it off and on despite the fact that it doesn't work. Thank goodness I don't have one of those families who tease about those sort of things!!! HA!! Oh yeah, you did read that right, I was happy to do laundry...heehee. An icy miracle.

Today, we got up before my in-laws, tidied up as best we could and left the building. I left them an "Enjoy the silence" note. I know fish and houseguests both smell after three days and so we are trying to give them a bit of space when we can. After 6 days, we smell!! Not really, gas water heaters ROCK!!!

I may be 1/16th liberal because I love the library soooooo much. Especially when there is no power or internet at home. BLISSFUL. Now I am going to go read while my children surf to their heart's content (up to an hour and a half anyway).

ICE, ICE, Baby.

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