Monday, January 19, 2009

A Side-View

If I could show you a side view of what all is going on in my brain right now, you would fall over dead from an anxiety attack. It is just too much.
  • worrying over friends going through trials or sickness
  • fretting over our homeschool
  • worry about my parenting
  • worrying about our family's spiritual health
  • family that we never seem to have time to visit
  • far-away friends that I am out of touch with
  • worry about money
  • worry about my own health
  • worry about being fat(not enough worry to eat differently or exercise)
  • worry about the boxes of clutter and shelves full of books
  • concern over school projects started but not finished yet

All of those things kind of scratch the surface a bit about what is stealing my joy and yet, my Lord tells me to fear not. Not to worry, he has plans for me. So why do I continue to do so? Why do I allow these thoughts to clutter up my brain and leave little room for finding the joy in the day to day ordinary?

So tonight, I took a little break in my normal routine to go out with some homeschool buddies, eat and laugh and have a big time. It was a nice break. However, as soon as I walked in the door, I picked up all my baggage again.

I'm really glad my church is starting a new ladies' Bible study. I really need it!!

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hulagirlatheart said...

I drag my "carry-on" around all of the time too, lately. I don't have any problem putting down an extra bag at the airport when they want to charge me $50 for it. Why am I so willing to pay for it spiritually? Hmm.

Prayers going out for you today.