Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Red Letter Day

Not in the typical way, of course, at least not in the typical way for me. It is a red letter day for me because we have had the first decent school day in quite a while. Momma finally got her groove back and even though I would like to pinch the heads right off a couple of my students, I have managed not to act on that. Just for Today, Lord. I have to fight that battle one day at a time.

I also was immediately was in a good mood because it snowed beautiful powdery snow. AND, not enough to go play in so I don't have umpteen extra loads of laundry.

We even took time out of our school day to watch the Inauguration-thanks to Dad. I would have bypassed it altogether and that would have been wrong. I even managed not to chuckle and heckle. I got on to my kiddos when they did. This is our president and he deserves respect as do all presidents. The way Bush was treated today was dispicable. COMPLETELY. It makes me quite angry that I am expected to respect someone who is not my choice for president(and I will) but others don't have to. What a horrendous double standard. Bush was a good president. He stood up for what he believed was right even if it made him unpopular. That commands respect. Demands respect. You don't have to agree, history will write his successes and failures, we just have to respect. He was elected and then re-elected. That is no small feat. He didn't steal any elections either. He won fair and square just like Obama. If elections could be rigged by Republicans, they would be rigged consistently-that is for sure.

Tonight we go back to gymnastics and I know Erika just can't wait. I am excited for her. Not that I want to get out in the cold-I don't, but I will.

I have my school day for tomorrow and the rest of the week all mapped out. Come hell or high water, we are back on track. Don't mess with my track!!


hulagirlatheart said...

I was highly disappointd in the booing of Bush today. I don't care for many of his decisions, but to show him such disrespect was horrible. It marred an otherwise wonderful day. Let's face it, who among us wants that job? Not me.

ryanandlesli said...

I completely agree. He is in the office & deserves respect.

I agree with you about Bush, too. Finding someone who stands for his principles knowing he will not be liked afterward is hard. Finding a politician that will do that, unheard of. I'm so thankful that he was true to himself. I'm not sure all of his decisions will go down in his favor, but the fact that he's an honorable man will. That says so much more in my opinion!