Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hula Answers

This time it is Hula interviewing me. I love this whole interviewing thing. Fun for everyone. And just after that, interview questions for Shortymom-my newest bloggy friend.

1. When you take a week long vacation how many pairs of shoes do you take (just for you) and what kind are they?

Just one usually and I don't have to pack them because I'm already wearing them. I plan my outfits around my nicest pair of Birkenstock's. Right now that is a brown leather mule-I wear alot of brown right now.

2. In Sartre’s play No Exit the three main characters are stuck in a room with no exit and don’t like each other. They eventually realize that hell is being stuck with each other forever. What person or persons would be hell for you to be stuck with in a room forever? If you don’t want to name names, just speak in generalities ie..the girl who relentlessly picked on you in third grade.

I can think of three or four specific people that any one of which would drive me totally bananas and they are neither of the following personality types. However, I feel badly how easily those names slipped into my thoughts so I will keep it general.

  • A shopping diva who is obsessed with herself/himself.
  • Someone who believes a certain way but they have no reason behind it...a jellyfish that changes opinions according to whatever is popular right then.
Although, in retrospect, that second one wouldn't be so bad if it was just the two of us. After all, they would believe everything I said, right? Nevermind...that would drive me insane.

3. In honor of the inauguration: If you could ask any US President, living or dead, one question and he would have to answer it HONESTLY, which President would you pick, and what question would you ask?

So, Tommy Jefferson, just how many children do you have?

Isn't that a pathetic question? It's still the first one that popped into my head and it made me chuckle. Lofty thinking-that's me.

4. Our local newspaper does a weekly thing where they stop someone on the street, ask what the top ten songs are their iPod are and print them. What song in your entire music collection would you be most embarrassed to see in print next to your name?

The whole Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus (Which one is which can get so confusing!) CD. What can I say, she is a good singer. I don't like the direction I think she will eventually go in, but right now I think she is a very talented girl.

5. Are you a “hat person”? If so, describe your hat or hats. If not, explain why.

I wish I was because my hair frustrates me daily, make that every time I look in the mirror at it. However, I have a round face and multiple chins-hats are not a good accessory for faces like that.

SHORTYMOM questions!!

1. Which one of your pets is your favorite and why?
2. What is the most frustrating thing about your kids playing sports?
3. Do you plan to have more children?
4. What is the best thing about raising a family in Smalltown, KY?
5. What is the worst thing about raising a family in Smalltown, KY?

I got feedback from one of my friends today that her interview questions were too hard. WAH WAH!! I can't wait to read her answers.


ShortyMom said...

Loved the question for Tommy Jefferson..that was too funny!

My answers are up. A couple of them really made me think but my brains been on cruise control this week. Needed to take it off for a while!

Amy said...

I love these Q and A's.

I am not a hat person either. I have worn them to the beach or when we go fishing, but as a general rule, I look ridiculous in them. Sigh...

And stop by my blog tomorrow, and I will have your questions and my nonsense answers up! It was a lot of fun...I will probably beg you to ask me more questions in the future. I'm just saying.;)

God Bless,
I "am a honey!";)

Amy said...

I forgot to say, that Tommy Jefferson question isn't pathetic at all! I would want to know the same thing...but not in a "jellyfish" sort of way.;) LOL!:)

The letters that I have to enter below to post this comment spell: poop! LOL!:)

Seriously, just ignore me.

Cruise Mom said...

I definitely like your President answer better than mine! That was a hard question!