Friday, January 16, 2009

The Dog Ate My Book

First, my sad news. Lilly didn't get a part. She was sad and she cried. But after much talk and convincing, she is OK now. Better luck next time, Baby. Or maybe we will suffer through many many rejections. Such is the life of an actress, so I hear.

And now, a book review: I am very sad to report that I had to piece this book together as it arrived via UPS without even a doorbell ring. Unfortunately, Daisy found it before we did. For the Tough Times written by Max Lucado is a perfect book for a friend (or maybe yourself) going through tough times...really tough times. It is perfect sized-approximately 80 pages and slightly less than 5X7, to fit in a purse or briefcase easily. This books gets right to the nitty gritty of the fact that God is FOR US and that when bad things happen, he will be in our midst working the details out for our good. It also goes into great detail about how it is not God's will for bad things to happen, but that doesn't stop him from being there with us all the way through.

At $10.99 retail, the price is perfect for slipping this into the hands of someone who is really battling the YUK life sometimes throws out to us. It would cover anything from death to divorce(although I frequently put both of those things in the same category).

Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors because he is so good at making things relevant. Sometimes we forget that Job was a person just like you and I. We talk about him as though he is some supernatural hero of patience. He wasn't. He was one of us in another time and place. What was so great about him was his unwavering faith in God. Our God who was and is and is to come. We need to work on developing that same kind of faith-faith that gets us through this rat race called life. David suffered great losses-losses that he was at times responsible for. He was such a colossal screw-up. It took him so many tries to get things right, yet God loved him and he made it into the FAITH HALL OF FAME. God doesn't require perfection from us, rather he helps us most when we are broken failures.

Some days I feel like Job-studied and ready for anything life hands me. However, most of the time, I am a female version of David. Lost in my own sins wondering and wandering without aim or purpose yet trusting that God's grace is sufficient for even me. Our God loves us and seeks each one of us individually. This book helps make that clear.

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