Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Interview!!

Just when you thought it was over, it isn't. I haven't yet begun to sing. heehee.

For Steffie.
  1. You are in a unique position to see the good and bad side of Christians in our church. What is your biggest encouragement?
  2. Other side of the coin, what has been your biggest disappointment?
  3. What is you absolute best marriage tip?
  4. Did you/Do you EVER have days when your kids drove/drive you nuts? (Please don't say no.) What did you do?
  5. What is the best advice you can give about a grandiose wedding? I am looking for the best things and the things best left out.

I can't wait to read your answers!!

In other news.

Lilly had her first audition Monday night and she was great. I was so proud of her. And Erik. He was so into coaching her I almost sat on his hands. He keeps picturing her winning her first Golden Globe and it makes him a little crazy. The only problem with auditions, there were about 50 other kids there who were also big hams and I can only imagine how many came on Tuesday night. I have her all prepped for rejection-citing all the reasons she might not be chosen-some of those kids are in the acting classes put on by the same theater, some of the kids have been in plays before, the director knows some of the kids by name, some of the kids had resumes with pictures(seriously good idea), etc. I also hugged her much and told her how awesome she did, how proud we were of her and that I would keep bringing her to auditions until the cows came home. She will be okay no matter what happens and we will go see the play to see who got the parts and if it is anyone we know.

Erika had her first gymnastics class last night and she did great. She is soooo limber the instructor was amazed. At one point she told Erika-"OOOh honey, don't do that!! That would hurt a kid with normal shoulders!" She had so much fun and it just so happens the only other girl in this particular class is someone Erika already knows. YEAH!

Now, to find something that will interest Kayla. That will be a challenge indeed.

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