Thursday, December 11, 2008

Top Ten List

The top ten reasons why today is really weird:

10. My husband went back to work today-first time in 4 weeks. Although I swore we were all ready to return to normal, I missed him like crazy and was lucky to be gone alot or it would have been worse.
9. I baked a turkey today. You know, to celebrate that day between Thanksgiving and Christmas?? Oh right, there really was no holiday, but hey, it was a good turkey. Yesterday we had baked ham.
8. My husband raved on and on about how great the mashed potatoes were-yummy and just right. They were instant and I always make REAL mashed potatoes.
7. I ran to the Dollar store to pick up some things we needed and spent a few cents shy of $75. Who does that??? At the Dollar Store??? I've looked over my receipt twice now and I just shake my head.
6. Lilly had a chorus concert today. Afterwards, we went and got pizza and donuts. During her concert we had bought a little castle and some ello pieces at a consignment store. Lilly kept saying over and over that it was the best day of her life. Oh wait, Lilly says that almost every day so I guess that isn't weird.
5. At the library, I read one of my daughter's books. Usually, I just do a spot check of a few pages. This usually gives me a good indication of the subject matter of the book.(She reads like me, there is no way I could read my books and hers!!) However, this book sort of sucked me in and I read it. It passed the spot check. I will probably review it soon!!
4. Toby attacked Daisy today over a bit of turkey skin/fat. He never treats her like that. I don't think she will try to steal his food again though. It wasn't a full fledged attacked-just a mean bark and some snarling, but STILL, she is his wife. GOSH!
3. My house has been clean for almost 4 days. This is sooooooo weird.
2. I bought hair color (see #7) that was supposed to dye my hair a soft reddish brown. I love red hair, but the girls have been teasing me relentlessly because THIS red seriously borders on purple. AND, I'm going to enjoy it. It will probably be the last time I ever dye my hair red and it makes me feel very festive and sassy.
1. MY MOM CAME TO VISIT ME TODAY. My mom, you know the one with the new prosthetic leg?? She came over to see my Christmas tree because she was "in the neighborhood". She has physical therapy just up the street. She is doing SOOOO much better than I ever thought possible. Life still isn't easy for her, but we are counting our blessings!!

I love weird days.


Becky K. said...

Haircolor is a bit tricky. Glad you like it...My friend uses a color like that and it suits her personality to a "T".

At least you won't be accused of being "mousy" like I was last summer by a hair stylist who did not like my natural color...

Becky K.

~ Stephanie. said...

Borderline auburns are the sassiest!

I AM SOOOO EXCITED your mom is "up and running"! That is something to celebrate. Maybe you could cook a turkey or something!

Christine said...

I'm so curious- what was your daughter's book?

Starkplug said...

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