Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Narrowing Down....

I could blog about lucking up on free sodas. Sodas that have been sprayed down with vinegar and washed thoroughly. Sodas that could be laced with roofies but seem to be just fine, unaltered and safe.
I could blog about this place and how much more fun it is with a friend and a goofy attitude. (and wipes, don't forget the wipes!!)
I could blog about the fact that I am done with Christmas shopping except for a few odds and ends.
I could blog about the fact that my homeschool mom's Christmas party is always fun and this year was no exception!!
I could blog about hubby's Dr. appt. today that will possibly release him to drive again. Oh yeah, maybe I should go on ahead and go get dressed for that appt. instead of blogging!!
Happy Dec. 2.


Amy said...

Happy December 2nd to you too!;)

I'm heading to the orthodontist myself, for my son, of course.;)

I hope hubby's appointment goes well.

Good luck!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Thanks for stopping by the our homeschool blog!

We have been really neglectful of it but hope to have more to post soon!

I am enjoying peeking around your blog!

Mia said...

Yes party was fun! Sorry I partied and ran but I had to get home....yes I know every party has a pooper.....Praying for hubs continued recuperation! See you at gingerbread houses : )

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, hubby was actually happy about the wipes. go figure.

Party was great food and fun. AND I got tons of free stuff!! Good times :)
And FREE sodas, life couldn't get better.
I'm just glad I had brown sugar.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd blog about apple juice and other juices.