Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Busy Brain

I have not blogged all day because my mind is in such a state of activity that I cannot narrow down to one thing. So I'm bloggin' bullet style!!
  • It is impossible to imagine what it must be like to lose a child. It feels very odd to try and comfort a mom who lost a child when all of yours are alive and well. It is almost impossible to see a tiny coffin with a baby in it and still be a comfort to someone else. It feels very reassuring to have someone hold you back tightly as you sob together-reassuring to know that you did ease/share the pain just a tiny bit.
  • It snowed last night and it was beautiful to watch it coming down before bed last night. Today, all the kids were up and begging to go outside and play. Soooooo, we took a snow day. We will not take a snow day tomorrow, but today it had to be done. Snow just doesn't come around very often and so every opportunity to enjoy it must be taken. They did not build a cute snowman like I thought they would. No, no. Instead they built forts and had snowball fights. So girly.
  • Toby is doing well. He is a working dog deep down in his brain so he is very driven to work through the pain. This is quite a pain in my rear as we have to make him come in after he goes out to relieve himself. The last two times he has gone out, he has had to be on a leash. He wants to scout the perimeter of our yard and patrol. His little stub print in the snow is so pitiful. He also prefers to poop in the woods out of our view. I ain't going to the woods and I wouldn't be out of view anyway, so he may be holding it a while. I hope he is healing well and his paw pad is saved.
  • I knew BLAGO was a crook from day one. He is so slick and he looks it. I wish he would just go ahead and resign already. It's over, Bud. You got your hand caught in the cookie jar. Step back and walk away. Give it a few years and then run for president with Carrol Hubbard as your VP. It can't get any worse.
  • Yes, I do want the big 3 to go under. I don't believe they really will-but I'd like them to have to figure out a new plan on their own. Perhaps they can find a way to get away from the UAW and then they can be solvent once again. I strongly believe this is ALL ABOUT THE UAW. UAW, do you not realize if they go under you will not have a job alternative??? Can you say concessions? You are killing an industry single-handedly. Unions used to keep their workers safe and force management to pay a fair wage. Now, alot of unions abuse their union rights and cripple the companies they work for. AND, they financially support SLIMOS like Blago.
  • My husband is a union worker, but the NALC is a very responsible union. Both sides really do give and take. They make very reasonable demands. Because of this level-headedness, respect for their employer, and pride in their job performance, they are one of the strongest and best unions in America.
  • I did decide to do Christmas cards. They are mostly ready to mail. Walgreen's photo service is just awesome. I made a really cool 3 photo collage by uploading some digital pics and then picked them up a few hours later. It was so stinking easy and also fun. I will do more uploads and pick-ups in the future. Photo collages are awesome!!
  • Hula-Our group wimped out and decided not to collect canned goods. When the city schools were closed tomorrow and hubby slid on his way home I decided it just wasn't a good idea.

There is still so much more stuff jostling around in my brain, but at least a few things have escaped.


Amy said...

You do have a busy brain.:)

Mine is busy too. I realize more and more each day that I have turned into my mother.

Yesterday, I started filling my weekly pill container with my week's worth of meds (sign number 1), then halfway through loading the pills, I heard the dryer buzz, so I went to unload it (sign number 2), and before I even finished unloading the dryer the phone rang, I answered it...and an hour later, I found the pill box half loaded on the kitchen counter, the dryer door still open with towels in front of it (sign number 3).


I try to do fourteen things at one time, and I wonder why I don't get anything done. LOL!:) Oh, and now with 5-6 hours of bed rest a day.....what's next? Watching The Lawrence Welk show and being in bed by 5:30?


Merry Christmas!
I love your tree by the way; it is so much like mine and my mom's. It's like home to me.:)

God Bless,

Becky K. said...

Yep, you have a lot going on up there. You and I would have so much to agree upon when it comes to the political news around us these days.

I am sorry about your friend's baby. That is so hard to even hear about let alone endure.

Dogs can be so stubborn. Glad yours is recovering...

Blessings this Christmas...