Thursday, October 02, 2008

We left the house this morning at about 10:15AM and we did not come back home until 8PM. The whole day, all I could think is that some folks have days like this every day. I cannot fathom it-but I have to say-my hat is off to you. To manage a household, schedules and just life in general without having downtime for planning is phenomenal. Of course, I do realize that people play whatever hand they are dealt and do the best they can. I was a successful full-time college student (15 hours) despite working two jobs and living in an apartment on my own-we are marvelous creatures that can do whatever we set our minds to doing. Anyway, today was fun-we had two picnics and even picked up an extra child. Tonight I am mom to four girls. ( : This means tomorrow morning will be delightful-full of nice playtime OR it will be disasterous with lots of girl drama. Pray for the former with me!!

I just finished watching the debates and Governor Palin rocks the Kasbah!!! I had jealousy pangs that my friend Kristin got to be there. I hope she blogs every last detail!! This will be the best debate-so I am sorry if you missed it. McCain/Obama debates will be a let-down. How about Palin/Obama and McCain/Biden debates instead?? Oh wait, no one wants to watch a couple of old guys so I guess that wouldn't fly. heehee.

Tomorrow is Friday-or as we call it, housecleaning day. Hope you have a great one and a wonderful weekend.

PS-I know these are tough times and things are financially tight for everyone but every fast food place we passed today had a ginormous line at ALL different times of the day. I guess since we are down to eating out every once in a blue moon-I found it very shocking!!


Kristin said...

Being at the debate watching party was a great experience. I was so glad to see Gov. Palin in person, and her amazing family was there to support her. She not the greatest debater, but she's smarter than the mainstream media give her credit for, and I found myself smiling and clapping the entire night.

Jason said...

Sarah Palin. Oh, dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I sure like YOU though!