Monday, October 06, 2008

School is Life...Life is School

I could offer up a million apologies for being too busy to blog-but that gets so tiresome, doesn't it? I've missed you, my bloggy friends!! Blogging is just one of those things I have to continue even if it sometimes gets crazy and I can't keep it up like I want to. (heehee-insert off color joke) I need something that is just mine all mine. This blog is that for me and also a journal. Very little of my life is all about me-but in this one little corner of the universe, it is. Call me selfish if you want but I need it and I think it allows me to be more introspective and also more giving in all the other areas of my life.

So, I will play a little game of catch-up. We have a new pet. (this pic does not quite do him justice) He is gorgeous. Black and granny smith apple green with a little white in the background. Now, top that off with very dazzling yellow polka dots and you have a truly gorgeous marvel of creation. Now if you recall, this year we were departing from life sciences and stepping into the wide wide world of phsical science. Therefore butterflies were not in our lesson plans. However, several things have fallen into place that have made butterflies again find their way into our studies. First, NPLD happened to have a day of butterfly tagging for FREE. We paid to do this last year so we were delighted to get to do it for free!! Then hubby scores some awesome St. Louis Cardinal tickets requiring a trip to St. Louis and guess one of the places we had never gone...The Butterfly House!! All three kiddos definitely wanted to do that this time and this just so happened to fall on the Tuesday before the Saturday tagging. Then fast forward a week and a half. We are at a friend's house checking out her new house and the yard. What did we find??? Our new pet. So, parsley was acquired (thanks to my friend Amanda who purchased it for me since my checkbook was left at home) and then we placed it in with our pet who is a very hungry caterpillar INDEED!! It has been fun reviewing butterflies and marveling at what the girls have retained since we had our butterfly house/raised painted ladies, and last year's silkworms. Sometimes the best school is life. Sometimes the best life is school.

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Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

OH!!! I LOVE St. Louis. LOVE hometown of course...... Hope you had a fabulous time!!!