Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spitting Mad!!

I am spitting mad that there might be another mail-out of checks!! Disguised as economic stimulus. Our family received the last one and this is not something we needed or wanted. It did not work, so what have the politicians decided????? It did not work so we should do it again. What a crock of bull. I am soooooooooo sick of this. Hand-outs don't help anyone EVER. If people are struggling with money they should work more and spend less. That is what we do. We certainly don't sit back and wait for the calvary. It isn't coming. The calvary is within us. We are blessed to live in the most prosperous country in the world. A country where the opportunities for success are EVERYWHERE. All that is required is the ability and desire to work.

***edited to add...I was not criticizing current government programs, I think they have been designed to be more of a hand-up than a hand out. Of course there are people who abuse the system, but for the most part I think our social programs work with the recipients to encourage them to do personal development and better themselves. I am not opposed to WIC, food stamps, or help with housing. Unfortunately, I think they are a necessary thing. HOWEVER, economic stimulus checks ARE NOT. It is just free money doled out by the government AND THE GOVERNMENT IS SO FAR PAST BROKE IT IS RIDICULOUS!!!

Can you imagine if I told you I was a trillion dollars in debt and then offered to give you some money to "help" you even though you were doing okay. Would you not think that was the stupidest decision evah?????

By the way Anonymous, who are you?


Anonymous said...

I disagree, I don't think there's anything wrong with someone needing help or accepting it.
Especially programs that are set up by our government to help those who need it.
I find those who have such issues with it, it seems to be a matter of pride more then anything else.
I have several of them within my own family, like my Aunt whose husband lost her job and he couldn't find one for a yr. and a half.
Because of her pride of not going and getting foodstamps, her children pretty much starved.
I think that is such a ridiculous thing to do when here in America there are things in place to help those (especially children, the true victims of pride.) Plus, just because someone receives help doesn't mean they have to stay on it forever.

"I just think saying handouts don't help anyone ever" is generalizing a whole bunch of things together that really are totally seperate issues.

Some could go as far as saying then WIC or Passport (government insurance for kids) is a handout and wrong as well.
I think every kid (even if their parents can't afford health insurance) has the right to get medical care if they get injured. They also should have the right to get their shots and basic care at a Pediatrician.

So I can see where you're coming from I just think that's a really broad statement to apply to everything as you stated.

What if your husband died and you weren't in the "cushy" position to say what you're saying ? (Would you work 2-3 jobs and put your kids in public school to be able to make it ?)
I just find it's easy for people like you who have the support of a husband (and you don't have to work)to say such broad statements.

Jon said...

Economics is not my expertise, but here's my opinion anyway. Janice is right, when people don't have money - or they are greatly in debt, they should stop spending. This works great on a micro-economic level. But when nobody is buying anything, businesses slow down production, which causes people to get laid off or lose their jobs entirely. Once your job cuts back your hours/pay, you stop spending money and the cycle spirals downward until the country is in a depression. This is my understanding of macro-economics.

Now most Americans are like Janice in the sense that she is in pretty good economic shape. Most of us have as much money to spend now as we did a year ago. The problem is that we aren't spending any of it because we are afraid of the current economic environment. Thus, the downward spiral is starting.

The previous stimulus checks did get people to spend more. So, the economy grew slightly. But fear is still pervasive nationally. Thus, we need another (in the opinion of our leaders) stimulus package.

To use a different analogy, think of a person who is having a heart attack and needs a defibrillator. The heart (economy) is slowing down and needs a jolt of electricity (stimulus check) to get it moving. Sometimes you need a couple of jolts depending on the severity of the heart attack. Maybe it won't work, but you know if you don't try anything, death or long-term damage will occur.

Mia said...

This theory works in the assumption that all poor people are lazy and unemployed. Well...there are a whole class of people out there called the "working poor" that are working hard for very little. Now whether that is because of bad choices on their part,lack of education,or just circumstances beyond their control it hardly matters. They work and work and work and STILL need a hand.
Wish I could say that I was in a position to turn down or not eargerly await a stimulus check but I'm not : (