Monday, October 20, 2008

Guilt and the Gospel

In our care group yesterday, we discovered we are a bunch of "mavericks". Our topic was Bible study. I expected a major guilt trip as I usually get when discussing such things. ( A trip I no longer take, by the way.) However, I was pleasantly surprised that in our group that was not the case. We were all in agreement that although Bible study is very important, it should not become a checklist thing to do every day. It should be a part of our lives but it is not the most important thing-our daily walk with God is much more important. An open heart and an open prayer life with God is so much more important. That is NOT to say spending time in the Word is optional, it certainly is not. I just think forcing yourself to digest pages of scripture because "as Christians, we HAVE to" is counterproductive. Giving ourselves assignments to study the word is a fast ticket to legalism. Being open to God's nudgings into the word is a blessing.

How do you feel about Bible study? A discipline to be carried out every day or something to be done as the spirit leads you? Or something else altogether?

Overall, we have had a top-notch weekend. Today is hubby's day off and we will make a joyous day of it. Happy Monday!!


Amy said...

For myself, I like to let God take the lead. I do try to spend time each day with God, but I no longer try to meet the requirements that others try to place on me. I learned (and am still learning) that I will never "live up to" everyone else's expectations of me, and I shouldn't even try to or have to. I only need to answer to God and my husband about what I do and how I spend my time.

Enjoy your Monday with your hubby!:)

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

I like what Amy said......I feel exactly th same way she does.

One of the greatest things (for me) that I got out a Women of Faith conference several years ago is that there is no such thing as a "good enough" Christian. You either are or you aren't.....that has helped me in my quest to better myself for myself, God and my family...and not what other people think about me.

I had a zealous Christian neighbor once who didn't think I was a 'good enough' Christian and was always trying to save me.... I finally asked her one day what exactly she was trying to save me from. I already believed in the Bible. She finally gave up on me and then moved......