Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Homeschooling Post

I had a very brief phone chat with one of my friends(Stalker Heather) this morning-I had to set a timer to keep with my rules for myself about not letting the phone(or computer!) eat up my day. She posed an interesting question. Why is one day of homeschooling the perfect NIRVANA day-one where you accomplish everything, and a magazine could take your picture as the homeschool family of the year and then the next day is from the pit of perpetual fires?? Because, honestly, after NIRVANA day, it is so much harder to have a bad day than just an entire week of so-so days.

Stalker Heather was just having a bad day after a good day, but I have to say my really good days are usually followed up the same way. JASON, is this how it is for public school teachers as well? If is isn't, then "say it ain't so, Joe" because that isn't fair.

Meanwhile, back at the homeschool ranch, we are not having a particularly good or bad day/week. It is just average. We are dotting all of our i's and crossing all of our t's. Still plugging away at fractions...moving on to multiplying today (praying with all my heart that they finally have a full understanding of subtraction and addition of fractions, least common multiples and greatest common factors). Lilly found borrowing as easy as carrying and I would feel blessed indeed if grammar wasn't so hard for her. (We all have our hard subjects, right?) Also, I am trying to POUND the the three branches of government into three brains. Yesterday, I bought a couple of unit studies from Currclick (sign up, they give away free downloads every week!)that will hopefully help us!!(actually I bought a bundle of 5 unit studies on sale for only $6.50...WAHOO!!!!)

We are also studying architecture and construction of bridges, skyscrapers, (David McCauley's Building Big series to be exact), etc. to phase into physical science.(plus butterflies) Colonial America and Neil Armstrong are our history focus. Then art, grammar and spelling finish us out.

What are you studying? Do your really bad days follow really good days?


E.T.'s Mom said...

We're studying animals and letters and David. :D

I'm a selfish blogger, too. And I'm glad you're back.

hulagirlatheart said...

We don't homeschool, but we sure are talking about government and its leadership right now. That is, um...when I'm rational enough to talk about it calmly..without throwing things at the television. I had to promise my husband not to bring up the presidential race in Sunday school any more.