Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here Am I

I am posting at the library today because life necessitates it. We will also be eating supper at a restaurant. Gas prices are falling but I still wouldn't call it cheap gas, so we will stay in town as long as we have places to be in town which is pretty late today.

Last night we skipped church so I would not miss one moment of the debate. (I am so climbing in my handbasket now.) This debate was a good one so I am glad I watched. I liked McCain again. I hate the way Obama laughed at everything. He is so smug. McCain is a good guy-he wants to change the government. I believe him, he has a record that shows it. He is a...wait for it...maverick. (Take one down, pass it around...) Obama says he wants change but I don't believe it. He just wants more of my money and between gas and groceries, I can't give anymore. Actually, truth be told, we don't pay any federal taxes-because we have so many kids, we always get our paid in taxes as a refund. Since we are a one-income family we are just below the rate to be taxed. So you won't win my vote by promising me a tax break. (Don't worry though, lest you think we escape taxation, our city taxes have to be paid in a lump sum each year and they are UGLY!!) TAXES are never the answer to anything, so quit telling me they are. Plus Obama is bought and paid for by the Democratic party. Could YOU, afford to go to Harvard??? How did Obama-a modest man of modest means afford it? I think the democratic party has been grooming him for this gig since he was in high school. (Okay, maybe not that far back, but far enough back that he owes a LOT of favors.) McCain just seems the lesser of two evils. Plus I researched his big scandal, Keating 5, and that was the tamest scandal I have seen since before a stained dress. The Kennedy's pets have bigger scandals. Read my lipstick...McCain/Palin.

Okay, enough politics-Lord knows we all have an opinion and I doubt I am gonna change anyone's mind. If I do, leave your comment in lipstick...heehee.

Next post, no politics.

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