Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar

We are gearing up for a busy weekend. It is quite insane. Tomorrow I will be tackling the complicated, calorie-laden world of German cookery. We will celebrate OKTOBERFEST with some friends. It is always exciting-German beer (ACK!) (German wine is mighty fine!), German appetizers(including assorted fishes-ACK!), the mighty king-potatoes, and many other fine foods. This is actually my husband's love-he longs to open a German Restaurant. Unfortunately, I have spent too many years working in restaurants for this to appeal to me. HARD HARD WORK + incredibly long hours make Janice an unhappy girl!! Oh wait, that is a description of my current job...and yet somehow I am happy. Better not to add another job to the list though.

Today is my homeschool support meeting and I will be facillitating it. I will be addressing the topic of organization. Looking at my house right now makes me laugh out loud. It has been a busy week. I still know where things are...buried. heehee. It is very complicated to run a household. Without being organized I would go stark staring mad.

Erik and I continue to look at houses that are larger. We especially love love love the old houses our town is so famous for. However, while I love the houses, no yard can compete with ours. It makes me swoon a bit because I love it so. Plus our neighborhood is top-notch. So we go, look, then come home and we are happy to be home. Our house payment is pretty cheap compared to most with a relatively short loan time so we count our blessings. We are truly blessed, cramped at times, but blessed.

I must get off of here, too many other things pulling at me to lose the day online. ( ;

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Amy said...

I would love to hear any and all organizing ideas that you have, as I am going stark staring mad at times here myself.;)

Before I left for my trip, everything was in pretty good shape, but since my travels, back surgery, and looooonnnnnnggggg recovery...things have gone amuck!;)

But we are blessed too....Unorganized, but blessed.;)

Have a great weekend!
God Bless,