Friday, August 15, 2008

Posting Queen

I know I have skipped some days here and there and that is totally bad for my brain. Now I will desperately try to evacuate some of the extra baggage my brain carries around because of those missed days.

  • Weight loss has begun again. The 7 week plateau was very annoying but this last week has brought me down 2 more pounds so hopefully this is the start of something good. I am at an awkward stage though-most of my clothes are starting to not fit but it is not such a huge difference that I feel justified in going on a shopping spree. However, it is very annoying to pull up your pants a hundred times a day. Loose shirts don't bother me at all but I miss pants and shorts that fit. Is elastic in my future? I hate elastic.
  • We are a cat-free house. At least inside and I love it. LOVE IT. Sure I miss my babies and so I go outside to love on them. Bliss. They seem very happy outside. The other positive to all cats being outside is that my girls can't wait for school breaks to go love on the babies. I enjoy those breaks so much when everyone is outside but me.
  • Today is my stepfather's birthday and we celebrate with a cook-out at Mom's. Yeah!! I don't have to make supper. Why is that such a wonderful feeling?
  • We have so much clutter in waiting to go somewhere that there is very little floor space left in the dining room. The room swap is complete and the best part is that the girls did most of the moving part themselves. I am loving having older kids that can REALLY be a HUGE help with big chores.
  • I am a little morose today because Fridays are supposed to be our day off but we keep taking Wednesdays off instead and ruining my plans. What's up with that?? Crazy homeschool mom, stick to a schedule already.
  • I am still loving my organizing CDs. They have helped me so much. Sometimes it is really hard to get motivated and these CDs have done that for me.
  • My friend Stephanie blessed me with curtains for my living room. I am quite excited. Now we just have to solve the dilemna of hanging them-which is not a quick fix by the way. Then we might not have such a WINDOW to the outside world. I am sure my neighbors will miss knowing exactly what is going on in our house but they will just have to adjust. In other curtain news, Lilly's new curtains did not come as a pair. There is one panel. What the crap???? When did curtains stop coming in pairs???? New ways are not better than the old ways folks!! One should be able to buy curtains, open the packagae and cover an entire window-not just half of it.
  • The Olympics ROCK!! I have been loving all of the coverage I have seen. I love the way the swim team swims like fish at the beginning of a lap. No wonder they have six pack abs. Special thanks to Hula for showing me the tatoo Michael Phelps has-now I will be sinning every time I search diligently for it. Oh and for the record, that is exactly where I would get a tatoo if I ever got one. Probably not the Olympics rings though.

Okay, I think that is all of the incredibly important thoughts I had to get out. I sincerely hope you were not holding on for some earthshaking prose. Another day perhaps.


hulagirlatheart said...

Sin, schmin. I like to think of it as admiring one of God's creations. ;)

Deborah and Sally said...

I've been there myself with the curtain thing.
I learned (about 10 yrs. ago) that most do only come with one panel.
Of course, so we have to spend more, isn't that how EVERYTHING is now-a-days ! LOL :)


E.T.'s Mom said...

I'm lovin' the Olympics, too! Caught me by surprise because we didn't watch any of it 4 years ago and didn't think we missed a thing. Now we've discovered we do get A channel and it's that one! Much sleep deprivation this week, but it's been so fun!

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

Oh the curtain thing! OY! That's all I got to say on that! OY!