Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

The wedding is over. Their car was heavily decorated with shaving cream and they left a trail of it out of the church. Too funny. I started this tradition when my sister Linda and Frank got married. I got them goood!! They totally paid me back! My grocery shopping is done thanks to a late night visit to Kroger and a stop by Sam's club by hubby on his way home. My children are nestled all snug in their beds. (Hubby too.) My feet hurt and they never do. The laundry basket is completely overflowing. I hope my nephew and his bride are happy forever-they are so good together. I hope the videotaping I did of the wedding comes out somewhat decent. I really must take my contacts out soon. I need to make an appointment to get my eye exam as this is my LAST pair of disposables. Our kittens are adorable and I love them even though I did not want to keep any of the kittens. Graygray is probably going to go live at my moms since the kittens are still nursing her even after surgery and two weeks of separation prior to that. Shameful. The kitten I gave my mom disappeared. Sad. He was my favorite one. July has flown by. Kayla has a slumber party coming up and that scares me to death. I hate slumber parties but a promise is a promise. Kayla looks at least 15 in the dress she wore to the wedding today. I'm investing in a quick loading shotgun ASAP. It's in the best interest of all my girls really. Boys are evil. I'm not kidding. (YES I AM!) Perhaps we need a pit bull as well-although Daisy and Toby have their vicious moments. I am definitely finishing my book tonight if it kills me. Wedding food is delicious. Wedding clean-up is not at all!! I am going to start saving for caterers just in case a boy makes it past the shotguns and pit bulls and asks for one of my girls hands in marriage. Caterers rock! Wedding clean-up does not. Did I mention that already?


hulagirlatheart said...

Wait til the boobie fairy visits. Then you'll really want a shotgun.

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

they're evil......I have enough of them in my house to know!