Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day!

Two of my children are making pancakes-red(strawberries), white(white choc chips), and blue (blueberries) ones. They are doing this independently. They, like most children, love pancakes!! I do not. Thankfully my carb free diet saves me from them. The cool part though is that I(we-Erik has helped alot with this) trained my children to cook for themselves and that is a GOOD thing. When they saw that we were out of pancake mix, they pulled out the cookbook to make them from scratch.

Today we celebrate our independence from a country that tried to tax us without allowing us to participate in the governing at all. We all pulled together and revolted!! I wish we could do it again, this time against the powers that be since they essentially govern us without our input as well. I am saddened by the state of our union. The two candidates for president depress me. Especially when smart informed people tell me they don't care about the election and they are not going to vote. We need a revolution to take our country back from lifelong politicians. They obviously are overpaid and feel overly important.

Whoo, I feel better. A little. Not really.

I am proud to be an American though. I am very proud of our troops. They are awesome. Perhaps we could replace every congressman with a service man (and every service man with a congressman!!). That would shake things up in a good way. It says alot about your character if you are willing to die for your country, defend the rights of people who hate you, and sacrifice your life and plans to fulfill a mission. That's who I want taking care of our country!!

Have an awesome day, thank a serviceman (past or present), teach your children what this day means and blow up some fireworks (or just watch someone else do it!).

Happy Fourth of July!!

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Jason said...

Cutting right to the chase of this post: I don't like pancakes either!!!