Friday, June 06, 2008


The old washer is out and hauled off with some other metal wares for $$$, I mean recycling. The new washer is in and has already done two load of clothes. No dilly-dallying around here!! I thoroughly cleaned the laundry room floor which is sort of a glorified enclosed back porch. It was very dirty but baking soda and vinegar rocked the kasbah.

Now we are beginning the work to get our pool up and going. I just got through helping Erik unload a literal ton of sand. This after we partially cut down one of our trees and hauled off the branches. We also took a quick trip to the Doc for Erik to get 5 stitches due to a very sharp trailer corner. I heckled him relentlessly but I think he still loves me. He better the way I gave him wonderful cold compresses on his forehead while they stitched him up.

Now I am off to help Erik wash my Mom's truck clean of residual sand and leave it better than we found it. Then I need to shuck 45 ears of corn. Then I need to work on finishing up getting the girls packed for camp tomorrow. They don't get dropped off unitl 3PM so I have a little wiggle room. It is just a small local camp this year-next year we think we may let them go to the "far-off" camp. We'll see. I have to get off of here now but I just needed to take a little break from the 90 degree heat and dry off a little since our humidity is about 100% today.

Between my new much shorter hair and the humidity, I resemble Topaz much more than I would like. WOOF. Where are my paw boots?


Jason said...

Nothing like some good old fashioned hard work! Minus the five stitches.

Sara said...

You do not resemble Topaz. I love your new haircut! It looks great on you.