Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I did not like Sunday's post, not one little bit.**(I DID ENJOY THE DAY THOUGH!! IT WAS AWESOME EVEN IF IT WAS A LITTLE OVERSCHEDULED!!)** Too much stuff all crammed into one day. The reasonable side of my personality suggested spreading those things out over several days so you can enjoy life without feeling like you are on the Jetson's treadmill. The reasonable side of me that likes to alternate busy days with extremely relaxed days of catching up on things at home. The reasonable me that tries to do all running on certain days to keep other days calmer.

That side of me, the reasonable side of me has been replaced. Not by choice. In her place is, "Yes, I suppose we can somehow find an extra 2 hours in one of our days somewhere to____." The blank is different every day. It is also usually loads of fun. (not really) OK, Sometimes.

Last night the blank was a homeschool support meeting. I'm really glad I have wonderful supportive friends. I'm really glad I filled in the blank with some "me-time". Then I ruined the night by going grocery shopping afterward. What a me-time killer!! It had to be done though. An important part of "the diet which shall not be mentioned" is having enough salad or no carb veggies (green beans) to have at each non-reward meal. Plus Kroger had cereal for $1 a box and also goldfish for $1 a bag. Guess who is living on carbs while I abstain?? Heh. The kids are loving this diet.

Today is a somewhat relaxed day. Except tomorrow is co-op which means alot of prep work for me and also the weekly nagging of the children. Woohoo!! I have my fingers crossed they have been keeping up with their work. De-NILE ain't just a river in Egyt, you know!!

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