Sunday, April 06, 2008

  1. Got up, delivered oldest daughter to church to do her puppet and got our care group food in the hands of people who would not be as late as we would.
  2. Got rest of family ready and made sure we all had a change of clothes and went to Mom's.
  3. Changed Mom's dressing.
  4. All went to Mom's church. Tolerated with fair amount of patience a 6 year old VERY used to Children's Bible hour at a church that does not have it. Good service, good sermon. I do know all the words to "It Is Well". I don't miss songbooks. I love you powerpoint projected songs.
  5. Waited for Mom to visit all members of her church.
  6. Loaded her up and delivered her home safe and sound, smiling.
  7. Changed clothes on the way to next stop on country deserted road. I can do this very modestly-a rare talent.
  8. Arrived at tree-cutting party.
  9. Had a thoroughly enjoyable time watching all of our fellas do some REALLY hard work-love you all big strong woodcutting men-especially you, Erik!! Thoroughly enjoyed picnicing with Sara's excellent neighbors. Watched kids really enjoy a warm summer day. Did not freak out when Lilly had a pacifier and sippy cup. It's just play, right?
  10. Saw the biggest most impressive slugs ever.
  11. Procured a jar and collected all the slugs we could find. They are on my kitchen counter in the "science area".
  12. Rescheduled hair appointment to one hour later.
  13. Watched with gross-out fascination jarred slugs all the way home.
  14. Swept and tidied up area a person from church coming by "might" see.
  15. Lamented person from church did not leave her car.
  16. Went to hair appt. Had a wonderful visit with a long-time friend. Thoroughly enjoyed the fact that he has the cutest dog ever and he brought her for me to meet. With much restraint-did not mention diet or blogging.
  17. Enjoying really cute new hair cut and color.
  18. Tired and must eat one more meal even though I am not remotely hungry. DRIVE to eat completely gone. Eating for nourishment like normal people is really cool. Trying not to tell all of the world about this diet in conversations so I won't look like a fruit loop. Trying unsuccessfully to not blog about it either.
  19. Enjoying the sales of some of my ebay stuff. I love ebay.
  20. Shopping for next year's curriculum with ebay money soon.

Good night blogworld. BFF!!


thruchildeyes said...

So I take it having the reward meal at lunch time was no biggie? It sure was a wonderful afternoon! Did the sippy cup-pacifier fun wear off???

Jen, Fred, Jennifer said...

you are a way cooler mom than me....can not do slugs, or snakes, or worms......YUCKO!!!!