Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow What?

The weather was kind of warm and rainy yesterday, but today?? Really cold and snowy. Gotta love KY weather. It is impossible to predict. It could be 70 degrees tomorrow and no one would bat an eye. We would just pull out our just-in-case winter/summer clothes and move on. So it's cold again.

Today has been sucha whirlwind that my head hurts. Schooling, visiting my step-father, packing, moving, cleaning and a mad dash to the hospital to check on my momma. It just so happened that I called while her blood sugar was crashing. As those of you who live with diabetics know, it happens. It is scary. I knew I would not sleep tonight until I could see her, converse with her and know all was right in her world.

I worked with two other ladies from my church tonight to really clean our church kitchen. It was fun and we made alot of progress. There is still tons more that we could do but we left with a sense of pride that it is much improved. It took us two months to finally find a time that worked for all of our schedules. Tis a busy world we live in.

Hula girl is a wonderful cook and she blessed my heart and my family tonight. I was even inspired enough to pick up some essentials from the grocery store on the way home from hospital number one. I may live to cook and clean again.

Co-op is not gonna be fun for me tomorrow. Any extra time I have had in the last week has gone towards nagging homework and getting a load of laundry washed or folded. I promised my co-op boys we would look at an owl pellet tomorrow...where did I put those? Do other people lose their owl pellets? I think I may hold a record on that one!!


~ Stephanie. said...

You CLEANED our kitchen???? You and two other ladies (whoever they are) are my heroes today! With all you have going on and you still made time for that? THANK YOU!

hulagirlatheart said...

Thanks for the compliment on the cooking. I was glad to do it. It sounds as if things are getting better. I haven't lost my owl pellets, but I've forgotten where the dog pooped in the yard. Hubby always finds it, though.

Steph said...

Wow! You do have a lot going on! You're a trooper, though, and you have some great friends and an awesome God. I love the family pic. It's a really good one of all of you. Miss you. You're in my prayers.